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Reconstructive Dentistry | Dr Ryan Lewis, Longmont CO
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Reconstructive Dentistry

Full Mouth Reconstruction

When both the top and bottom rows of teeth need be replaced, a full mouth reconstruction may be the answer.  Also, known as a full mouth rehabilitation or restoration, a full mouth reconstruction typically involves restoring the health and beauty of the entire mouth, from gums and roots to color and other surface enhancements.  Cosmetic restoration treatments such as crowns, bridges and veneers complete the external appearance of the teeth while other less obvious treatments such as root extraction, gum therapy and bite adjustments provide the groundwork of long lasting oral health.

Great candidates for full mouth restorations included those who have lost several or all of their teeth due to grinding, decay, or trauma.  Poor oral health that developed during childhood or other extended period of malnutrition can lead to severe tooth decay and gum disease.  Illnesses that contribute to deficits in certain minerals, cause decreased saliva production or interfere with nerve and blood supply to the gum and teeth, like diabetes, can also cause tooth decay.  Other illness including eating disorders that expose the teeth to excessive amounts of acid can also erode and damage the teeth over a period of time.  Trauma that involves the face is another common cause of full mouth restoration.  In addition to the appearance of the teeth, bony facial structures and soft tissue repair may also be part of a full mouth reconstruction.

The process to full mouth reconstruction first involves a comprehensive examination and consultation with Dr. Ryan Lewis or one of his team members to evaluate the extent of damage or decay and decide what can be done to restore proper structure, function, and aesthetic appearance of the mouth.  The teeth will be examined to know what cosmetic treatments are possible, the gums will be evaluated for disease so the teeth will have a strong foundation, and the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) will be tested to ensure any misalignment of the bite is corrected.  It is not uncommon for other dental specialists such as periodontists, orthodontists, endodontists, and oral surgeons to be involved in a full mouth reconstruction in addition to a prosthodontist.  Once all the necessary information and examinations are acquired, Dr. Lewis will create a comprehensive, step-by-step treatment plan to complete the reconstruction for a long-lasting, beautiful and healthy smile.

Screw Retained Dentures

When treating cases where patients must loose all of their teeth, removable options represent a more straightforward approach, whereas a fixed option with 4 or more implants (straight or tilted) represents a more advanced approach.

Depending on what your expectations, a straightforward restoration might not be a viable option. Most patients desire functional esthetics with a high level of comfort.

To address the requirements and expectations of patients seeking fast, convenient and reliable solutions for full dental replacement, Dr. Paolo Malo from MALo cLINIc® developed a special treatment concept in the early 1990’s called the MALo cLINIc® Protocol. The protocol offers immediate full arch temporary restorations for edentulous patients despite limited bone availability. The protocol has become a popular procedure worldwide and has influenced developments in shortening time to teeth.

Understanding Tooth Wear

Understanding Dental Erosion